Mountains cover 36% of the European area and play an essential role in the provision of public and private goods. Despite their relevance in both ecological and socioeconomic terms, we lack updated and comparable knowledge about many aspects of these regions affecting their management. 
A deeper understanding of how the situation, trends and potential evolution of rural communities, territories and businesses might evolve is needed to design new policies for improved management that will protect mountain areas from the existing threat of decline and climate change and help them seize opportunities.


MOVING (MOuntain Valorization through INterconnectedness and Green growth) is a Horizon 2020 project (2020-2024) coordinated by the University of Córdoba. The overall objective of MOVING is to build capacities and co-develop — in a bottom-up participatory process with value chain actors, stakeholders and policy-makers— relevant policy frameworks across Europe for the establishment of new or upgraded/upscaled Value Chains that contribute to resilience and sustainability of mountain areas.
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NEWS: MOVING Kick-off Meeting (14-16 September 2020)

Our impact

MOVING will give regional and European stakeholders new collaborative tools for the definition of policies in Mountain regions. The project will deliver a deeper understanding of how rural communities, territories and ecosystems are affected by stressors, about the most successful strategies in place and about the policy mix that might contribute to resilience and sustainability of mountain areas. 

MOVING will provide guidelines for renewed policy options affecting the policy mix influencing mountain areas. These guidelines will be based on participatory citizen-science-policy approaches to develop evidence-based and performance-focused recommendations for the “next generation” of policy interventions for enhancing the connectivity, sustainability and resilience of mountain regions.

Reference regions

MOVING will screen the Value Chain (VC) existing in all the EU mountain areas and will assess in-depth 23 selected reference regions in 16 countries (including 4 non-EU countries). The 23 reference regions represent the wide diversity of mountain areas in Europe, using the SES framework to characterise them as socioecological systems.

1. Sierra Morena
2. Northern Apennines
3. Swiss Alps
4. Sumava - Cesky Les
5. Slovak Carpatian mountains
6. Southern Romanian Carpathian mountains
7. Stara Planina
8. Cordilheira central
9. Highlands and Islands
10. Corsica
11. Austrian Alps
12. Crete
13. Central Apennines
14. Swiss Jura
15. Drome Valley
16. Dinaric Mountains
17. Maleshevski mountains
18. Eastern Alps
19. Spanish Pyrenees
20. Maciço Noroeste
21. Beydaglari
22. Betic Systems
23. Transdanubian Mountains


Community of Practice

MOVING will create a Community of Practice (CoP) on Mountain Value Chains, to foster the exchange of knowledge between different stakeholders  -including actors from the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS), value chain and policy-making stakeholders and society - at different scales of interactions.

The CoP will be built on regional Multi-actor Platforms (MaP), established in each of the 23 Reference regions and open to any interested stakeholder from any mountain area. 

The consortium

MOVING is coordinated by the University of Córdoba, and involves a multi-actor and interdisciplinary Consortium of 23 partner organisations (research centres and institutes, industry representatives, rural developers, and innovation agents), with a broad distribution in Europe to account to mountain areas diversity:

• University of Córdoba (UCO)
• University of Pisa (UNIPI)
• Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
• Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU)
• Highclere Consulting (HCC)
• University of Evora (UEvora)
• The James Hutton Institute (HUTTON)
• National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE)
• European Association for Information on Local Development (AEIDL)
• National Research Council (CNR)
• Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IFZ)
• University of Crete (UOC)

• University of Molise (UNIMOL)
• Origin of Sustainability (ORIGIN)
• Community of Communes of the Drôme Valley (CCVD)
• Mena Group (MENA)
• Association of European REgions for Products of Origin (AREPO)
• Stichting Connecting Natural Values and People Foundation (CNVP)• Vinidea (VIN)
• EGE University (EGE)
• Association for the Development of the Guajoz and East Countryside of Córdoba (ADEGUA) 
• RURAL Sociological and Communication (Rural Bt)


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Project Coordinator:
Mar Delgado (University of Córdoba)
Communication Officer:
Lucía Garrido (AEIDL)
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