EU Multi-Actor Platform

European-level Multi-Actor Platform (EU MAP) offers an open space to stakeholders that are interested to exchange, learn and interact around the topic of resilience to climate change of mountain value chains. A key purpose for the EU MAP is to support MOVING partners in the development of specific deliverables of the project, bringing the knowledge and outcomes produced from the regional MAPs and organising structured exchanges with key external actors, including representatives from regional MAPs and other EU level actors.

The EU MAP seeks to engage external stakeholder from policy, research and relevant practice groups working in other Member State or at EU level.

As such, the EU MAP aims to:

  • contribute to key MOVING deliverables by bringing a pan-European perspective from stakeholder across the continent;
  • identify the main focus and interest of the community and mobilise stakeholders to be part of the community;
  • create a long-lasting community that can continue after the project ends.

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