2nd Global Mountain Sustainability Forum

October 3, 2022

Homo Montanus: Sustainable human-mountain relations in a changing world.

The second edition of the Global Mountain Sustainability (GMS) Forum aims at exploring sustainable and resilient human-mountain relations in light of current societal and environmental challenges humanity is faced with. In doing so, the conference strives to provide a platform for multi- and interdisciplinary discussion while shedding light on the lessons to be learned from mountains and mountain communities in relation to the sustainable reorganisation of modern societies. A special focus will be placed on the dynamics between highlands and lowlands.

All scientists, researchers and students are invited to submit their application to present their research. Interdisciplinary topics are particularly welcome! Abstracts should be assigned to one of the four thematic sessions:
– Managing environmental challenges in mountain areas
– Resilient communities & community resilience
– Mountain leadership
– Changing values and mountain narratives

Call for Abstracts: Sunday, 29 May 2022
Registration: 30 June 2022
More Information: