4th International Colloquium on Climate Change in Mountain Areas

May 19, 2022
Bilbao, Spain

The Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory (OPCC) of the Working Community of the Pyrenees (CTP) and its current Presidency, the Autonomous Community of Euskadi, organise the 4rd International Colloquium on Climate Change in Mountain Areas, which will take place on 19 and 20 May 2022 at the Bilbao Palace (Euskalduna).

The aim of this colloquium is to present and transfer the results of the OPCC ADAPYR project and the Axis 2 projects of the INTERREG POCTEFA 14-20 programme ACCLIMAFOR, FLORAPYR Avance and ADNPir. Among the main results, the following will be presented: the EPiCC, the first climate strategy of the Pyrenees; the sectoral guidelines for adaptation; the latest developments in observation and climate through the Pyrenees climate bulletin; advances in citizen science and environmental education. In addition, there will be a session dedicated to the valorisation of good adaptation practices in the Pyrenees and a more institutional block.

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The conclusions of the Colloquium will be published on the OPCC website and will include the report on the results of the OPCC ADAPYR project and a synthesis document on the conference papers.