Good Practice Webinar: ‘Rural communities tackling ‘

March 20, 2024

The Rural Pact Support Office, in collaboration with the European Climate Pact, will organise a webinar on 20 March 2024 to explore ways in which local communities can help anticipate and mitigate the impacts of climate change in rural areas, and adapt to those changes that are inevitable.

The webinar will provide opportunities to: analyse a range of successful community-led initiatives across European rural areas, which address climate issues locally; exchange experience and good practices; and build further engagement in rural communities.

  • Enable exchange and learning from local experiences and initiatives by rural stakeholders, which tackle climate change; 
  • Build the capacity of participants to mitigate and adapt to climate change by anticipating, planning and delivering effective, high-quality projects in line with rural needs;
  • Encourage and mobilise Rural Pact community members to make a commitment to the Pact and/or to undertake actions linked with addressing climate change in their specific contexts.