How can monitoring support action and policies for sustainable futures in mountains?

September 19, 2023

Systematic observation of the social-ecological dimensions of mountain areas can help us understand the social, environmental, economic, and cultural dynamics and trends affecting mountain communities and ecosystems. The aim of MRD Talk #05 is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to learn from successful monitoring initiatives. We will jointly explore how best to set up monitoring systems and share the information obtained in order to enable effective policies and action for sustainable futures in mountains.

The first author of an article recently published in MRD will present her group’s review of social-ecological monitoring activities in the Andes, along with the resulting priorities for future research needed to effectively inform policy and practice. Two panelists will share their experience with specific monitoring systems: one system is concerned with forest fire detection and management in Nepal and the other with sustainable tourism development in South Tyrol, Italy. The fourth panelist will show how a global initiative aims to enhance the accessibility and usability of data and information to support sustainable mountain development. The audience will have the opportunity to discuss with the panel their recommendations for effective monitoring systems and observatories.