MOVING Final Conference: A future for mountain areas in post-2027 EU priorities

June 13, 2024
Brussels, Belgium

MOVING organised its Final Conference, an event that marked the culmination of our 4-year project journey! The grand-finale took place on the 13th (afternoon) and 14th (morning) of June 2024 in Brussels, Belgium. Have a look at the agenda.

The MOVING Final Conference aimed to bring together policy-makers, research institutions, mountain organisations, and other relevant stakeholders. Together, we underscored the key role of rural and mountain areas in achieving Europe’s political objectives and targets for 2030. We also presented MOVING’s policy roadmap to unlock the power of mountain value chains, especially in the post-2027 programming period.


1. MOVING Project, an Amazing Four-Year Journey | Mar Delgado (UCO & MOVING Coordinator) 

2. Keynote speech – The long-term vision for EU’s rural areas: key achievements & ways forward | Mario Milouchev (Director at Directorate D “CAP Strategic Plans II”, DG AGRI, European Commission)

3. Challenges in Rural and Mountainous Europe | Nuno Guiomar (University of Évora)

4. Value Chain Contribution to Sustainability and Resilience | Mar Delgado (UCO & MOVING Coordinator) 

5. Value Chains for Sustainable Mountain Development: Strategies for Upgrading and Innovation | Kirsty Blackstock (James Hutton Institute)

6. Strategic Options, Seeds for Long-term Changes | Dominique Barjolle (Origin for Sustainability)

7. Genossenschaft Gran Alpin | Chloé Berli (GrainAlpin and MOVING Regional Partner from the Swiss Alps)

8. Towards a Policy Roadmap for “Unlocking the Power” of Mountain Product Value Chains | Mark Redman (Highclere Consulting)