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On September 23 & 24, 2021, gathered around the challenges of tourism transition, all the players in the mountain ecosystem will use their collective knowledge to build together future solutions for their territories.

The conference will bring together researchers to address the issues of reforestation, monitoring and remote sensing of forests, explore and discuss opportunities and challenges related to forest ecosystems in the conditions of climate change. Participants will focus on new research-based solutions, good practices, processing of remote sensing data and analysis techniques, advances in mitigation and adaptation activities in global environmental initiatives.

This event is the fourth in the MRI Anniversary Lecture Series, celebrating 20 years since the MRI Coordination Office was founded in 2001. This series aims to showcase MRI synthesis workshop research and build capacity in the mountain research community.

MONTCLIMA Natural and climate risks in mountain areas

September 30, 2021

Barcelona and Online

This event aims to present strategies for managing and preventing drought impacts in forests in the SUDOE mountains.

This thematic seminar pursues to share knowledge and experiences concerning good practices on drought management and prevention strategies in SUDOE forests, with the objective to contribute to forest drought management and prevention
The progresses of the MONTCLIMA project will be presented, specifically the pilot case studies, in order to improve governance and natural risks management through transnational cooperation and the development of a risk management and prevention common strategy.

Challenging Upland Futures

October 5, 2021

Perth, Scotland

‘Challenging Upland Futures’ will be a public forum with the aim, agreed by a range of diverse stakeholders, to integrate knowledge and understanding on the uplands of Scotland, and to agree priority actions to help ensure that our uplands deliver the widest possible range of benefits.

The event will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Centre for Mountain Studies at Perth College UHI, which has convened many previous events. It comes at a time when finding constructive ways forward in Scotland’s uplands is more urgent than ever, in a range of overlapping contexts.

The MOVING partner, The James Hutton Institute, will present the ongoing work of the project, focusing on the Scottish value chain and mountain reference region (Malt Whisky from the upper Speyside).

City and mountain cooperation for carbon neutrality

October 7, 2021

Grenoble, France

The organisation of the conference “City-mountain cooperation: together towards carbon neutrality” will allow an opening up to the scale of the European Alps and the discussion of different experiences and approaches to this issue.

This new stage of the “Mountain Metropolis”, in its Euro-alpine dimension, will be organised around a stimulating and attractive day of exchange between political and technical actors, institutions and associations.

Being young in a mountain area in 2021

October 12, 2021


During this conference, Euromontana will present the results of this large survey that collected more than 1100 answers all over Europe. Expectations and wishes of young people will be analysed such as the answers provided by policy-makers to try to answer to these needs. Finally, the conference will give the floor to some young people to directly share with the audience some positive experience of innovations led by young people.

Mobility plays an important role in the attractiveness of a region. In many rural and mountain areas, there is a persisting traditional car dependency, and the absence of adequate collective transport solutions imposes social and territorial exclusion of some segments of rural inhabitants. No matter how much effort is spent on education, promotion of tourism, development of new economic initiatives, etc.: accessibility remains a key to success for development initiatives and the lack of good accessibility affects any development strategy implemented in rural territories.

During this conference, Euromontana will give the floor to practitioners and representatives of the European Commission. Speakers will explore how the combination of different solutions can help to concretely improve mobility in the daily life of mountain inhabitants while investigating greener and more sustainable solutions.

Forum Origin, Diversity and Territories

October 13, 2021

Grisons, Switzerland

Rural territories are going through an unprecedented crisis, testing the resilience of their communities and ecosystems. This has repercussions on natural resources and their preservation, as well as on socio-economic networks, which have become increasingly fragile.

In this context of uncertainty, the actors of the territory have the important task of adapting the governance of the territories, to give perspective to the trajectories of sustainable development and to innovate the modes of consumption and production in the territories.

Organised by MOVING partner, Origin, this year’s edition of the Forum aims to participate in the writing of local solutions and invites participants to draw together the contours of new paradigms for the territories.
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The European Commission Competence Centre on Modelling (CC-MOD) is organising the second biennial EU Conference on modelling for policy support. The event will take place during the week of 22 – 26 November 2021.

The Conference will bring together researchers and policymakers from European and international institutions, Member States, universities, research institutes and consultancies to identify common challenges and solutions when using models to support policymaking across all policy domains.