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European Sustainable Energy Week 2024

June 11, 2024

Brussels and online

The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), Europe’s largest annual gathering focusing on renewables and efficient energy use, is set to make a powerful return with its 18th edition under the title, ‘Net-zero energy solutions for a competitive Europe’.

From 11 to 13 June 2024, the conference will take place both online and onsite in Brussels including a high-level policy conference, presentation of sustainable energy awards, European Youth Energy Day, and an Energy Fair offering valuable networking opportunities.

Ahead of the event, the organisers are calling on leading experts and innovators to submit policy session proposals for the conference (deadline 19 January 2024), and for applications for the EUSEW Awards, honouring sustainable energy heroes (deadline 1 February 2024).

The Forum is an opportunity for an in-depth exchange of views, allowing for the identification of successes and challenges, and shaping the future direction of the Mission. The event also showcases regional initiatives on adaptation and promotes dialogue between the community of participants.

The 2024 Mission Forum is co-organised by the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Bringing the Rural Pact closer to citizens

May 22, 2024

Brussels, Belgium

This Policy Action Lab, organised by the Rural Pact Support Office, will develop proposals on enhancing the achievement of the Rural Vision and Pact objectives at the local level.

The event will analyse examples of inspiring local-level action in the format of ‘Rural Pact Laboratories’. This will foster an understanding of what the Rural Pact at local level could look like and what would be its key characteristics or elements (similarly to the seven key ingredients around which the Rural Pact can be structured at national or regional levels).  

The discussion will also help identify success factors and develop proposals on how to enhance the achievement of Rural Vision and Pact objectives at the local level. Outcomes from the discussion will feed into a dedicated Policy Briefing on the same topic, due for publication in September 2024.  

The EU CAP Network conference ‘EIP-AGRI Operational Groups: Innovation in practice’ will take place in Estoril, Portugal, from Monday 6 May to Wednesday 8 May 2024. A call for expression of interest to participate in the conference is currently open until 8 February 2024.

The conference will bring together the best of agricultural and rural innovation in Europe. The main objective of the conference is twofold: to highlight the successful implementation of the EIP-AGRI through OG projects as one of its main building blocks, and to learn from this experience for the implementation of projects under the CAP 2023-2027.

The specific objectives of the conference are to:

  • Spotlight and celebrate the achievements of over 3 400 OG projects in the EU;
  • Exchange and learn from the experiences of OG projects and boost possibilities to share promising knowledge and innovations developed by OGs;
  • Discuss the possibilities, including funding opportunities, to further use and upscale OG outcomes in practice;
  • Discuss challenges and identify good practices that can support the preparation and implementation of OG projects under the CAP 2023-2027;
  • Foster further networking and cooperation for innovation in agriculture, forestry and rural areas, including the creation of transnational/cross-border OGs.

EU Missions info days

April 25, 2024


Are you interested in funding opportunities for projects helping to reach the EU Missions goals in the areas of health, climate and the environment? Would you like to contribute to bring concrete solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our society?

Join us online and learn more about the new calls in the Missions’ part of the main Work Programme 2024 under Horizon Europe for each mission:

  • Adaptation to Climate Change Mission
  • Cancer Mission
  • 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart cities by 2030 Mission
  • Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030 Mission
  • A Soil Deal for Europe Mission

The EU Missions part of the main work programme 2024 under Horizon Europe contains new mission specific calls and topics to support the full implementation of Missions according to their implementation plans. In addition, the calls under Cross-cutting Activities will be presented in its own session.

Women-led innovations in agriculture and rural areas

April 17, 2024

Krakow, Poland

Women play a pivotal role in rural society and economic development. Despite their essential contributions, many face challenges such as discrimination and limited access to employment opportunities, particularly in informal sectors. The gender pay gap and employment disparities persist in rural areas, with farming often seen as male-dominated.

To address these issues, gender mainstreaming is crucial in the CAP Strategic Plans, promoting women’s participation in farming and ensuring gender equality. Various EU-supported projects illustrate how barriers to women’s empowerment in rural areas can be overcome, leading to socio-economic benefits and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Recognising women as a driving force for prosperity, the EU CAP Network support unit for Innovation and Knowledge exchange | EIP-AGRI is organising a workshop on women-led innovations to demonstrate that farming and rural areas can be attractive places for women, especially for developing their business ideas and applying their innovative approaches.

9th Cohesion Forum

April 11, 2024

Brussels, Belgium

This event will kickstart a discussion on the necessity for the evolution of EU Cohesion Policy to address the challenges posed by current climate, technological, demographic, and geopolitical developments and to foster resilience, competitiveness, and inclusivity within EU regions.

The Forum will bring together approximately 1 000 representatives of EU institutions, national, regional, and local authorities across all EU Member States, social and economic partners, non-governmental organisations, academia. 

    The Rural Pact Support Office, in collaboration with the European Climate Pact, will organise a webinar on 20 March 2024 to explore ways in which local communities can help anticipate and mitigate the impacts of climate change in rural areas, and adapt to those changes that are inevitable.

    The webinar will provide opportunities to: analyse a range of successful community-led initiatives across European rural areas, which address climate issues locally; exchange experience and good practices; and build further engagement in rural communities.

    • Enable exchange and learning from local experiences and initiatives by rural stakeholders, which tackle climate change; 
    • Build the capacity of participants to mitigate and adapt to climate change by anticipating, planning and delivering effective, high-quality projects in line with rural needs;
    • Encourage and mobilise Rural Pact community members to make a commitment to the Pact and/or to undertake actions linked with addressing climate change in their specific contexts.

    Rural toolkit launch event

    February 6, 2024


    The Rural toolkit is the first comprehensive online guide to EU funding and support opportunities for rural areas in the European Union.

    During the launch event, a presentation and live demo of the tool will be delivered. It will be an opportunity to gain insight into how EU programmes can foster development in rural territories, by supporting the initiatives of local authorities, institutions, businesses and individuals. Best practices and inspiring stories will also be showcased.

    The Rural toolkit is an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorates-General for Regional and Urban Policy, for Agriculture and Rural Development, and Joint Research Centre. It is part of the long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas.

    Promotion of Agricultural Products: Info Days 2024

    January 31, 2024

    Brussels, Belgium

    Join the Info Day and get valuable insights on the Promotion of Agricultural Products funding opportunity and application process. The event will take place in hybrid format on 31 January, from 13:30 to 17:00 and on 1 February, from 8:30 to 14:00

    Following the recently adopted 2024 Promotion of Agricultural Products Work Programme, the European Commission will allocate €185.9 million to fund promotion activities for sustainable and high-quality EU-grown agri-food products in the EU and worldwide.  

    The amounts available for campaigns selected in 2024 are split between promotion in the EU internal market (€81.3 million) and in third countries (€85.1 million). So-called SIMPLE programmes can be submitted by one or more organisations from the same EU country. MULTI programmes come from at least two national organisations from at least two Member States, or from one or more European organisations.  

    Food 2030 conference: Green and Resilient Food Systems

    December 4, 2023

    Brussels, Belgium

    Are you interested in transitioning towards sustainable, resilient and inclusive food systems for the benefit of the environment and economy? Mark your calendar for the Food 2030 conference, which will take place in Brussels and will be web streamed on 4 and 5 December 2023

    Registrations for in-person and online participation will open mid-September.

    In 2015, 196 countries adopted the Paris Agreement: the world’s first ever legally binding treaty on climate change having the goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C or maximum 2°C above pre-industrial levels. Eight years on, so much has happened – both in terms of climate change and climate action. How well are we progressing? It’s time to take stock.

    On Friday 27 October, the European Climate Stocktake – EU and global progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement will take place, an event to reflect on the EU and the world’s progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. This event aims to contribute to the global discussion in preparation for the UNFCCC’s Global Stocktake at COP28 in November.

    The EU CAP Network Brokerage event ‘Accelerating the innovation process through Horizon Europe multi-actor projects’ will take place in Belgium from Thursday 19 to Friday 20 October 2023. An open call for participation is available until Sunday 3 September 2023, 23:00 CET.

    This event will be dedicated to matchmaking and networking to support the preparation of high-quality proposals for the upcoming Horizon Europe calls with multi-actor approach in the fields of agriculture, forestry and rural areas.

    This brokerage event will focus on multi-actor approach topics related to agriculture, forestry and rural areas under the Horizon Europe Cluster 6 “Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment” 2024 calls.

    European Business and Nature Summit 2023

    October 11, 2023

    Palazzo Lombardia, Milan

    The 2023 European Business and Nature Summit (EBNS) – Europe’s premier conference on sustainable business models with a focus on biodiversity –, will empower businesses to take transformative action and lead the way towards a nature-positive society, just one year before COP16.

    Featuring keynote speakers from policy and business realms, the Summit will inspire and guide participants in improving your relationship with nature. Engage in group sessions that monitor, assess, and disclose biodiversity; regenerate ecosystems; unlock financial resources through innovation; and foster inclusive partnerships for accelerated action.

    Under the motto “Thriving Regions, Stronger Europe”, the he 21st edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities. will be centered on the following six thematic topics: (i) Regions in post-industrial transition; (ii) retaining talent for regional growth; (iii) breaking barriers to cross-border cooperation; (iv) small and mid-size urban centres driving growth; (v) local energy shift for security and sustainability; and (vi) promoting social innovation.

    Horizon Europe Cluster 6 Infodays

    September 27, 2023

    Brussels, Belgium

    On 27 and 28 September 2023, the European Commission is organising infodays to present the topics from the 2024 Work Programme of Horizon Europe, specifically those from Cluster 6 (‘Food, Bioeconomy, Natural resources, Agriculture and Environment’).

    The infodays will give prospective applicants the opportunity to learn more about funding opportunities under the new 2024 Work Programme of Horizon Europe Cluster 6.

    The Cluster 6 infodays will be organised in a hybrid format – to be attended in person (Brussels) or by following the live webstream.

    The infodays will be preceded by a brokerage event (on 26 September 2023) that will offer networking and matchmaking opportunities, to bring together potential applicants and stakeholders, and help them find partners to build proposals.

    Shaping the future of rural areas

    September 27, 2023

    Sigüenza, Spain

    This High-level Rural Policy Forum is organised by the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission with the Rural Pact Support Office. It offers a bold opportunity to gather key political actors to advance the political agenda for the future of rural areas, prepare a fruitful debate in the Council of the EU, and support Member States to take action to unlock the potential of rural areas in achieving the LTVRA objectives. It will help move forward towards greater complementarities among different policy instruments and strategies. 


    • Enabling high-level policy exchanges between national authorities to contribute to the conclusions of the Council of the EU on the implementation of the LTVRA;
    • Share experiences about how EU policies and funds can best contribute to achieving the rural vision in key policy priority areas for the Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU and explore ways how the Rural Pact can add value;
    • Establish a dialogue to explore with Member States enhanced multi-level governance frameworks and participatory structures to listen to the voices of rural actors and relevant stakeholders and enhance the design of rural policies that enable them to act in the framework of the Rural Pact.

    The Forum will gather 200 participants, targeting primarily policy makers and public authorities at EU and national levels from all 27 Member States involved in the management of EU funds, covering notably EU common agricultural and cohesion policies. It will also count with the participation of EU networks and initiatives, regional and local authorities, stakeholder groups, civil society organisations as well as academic institutions working on policy areas covered by the event, while balancing the countries represented at the Forum.

    Second Forum of the Mission adaptation to climate change

    June 13, 2023

    Brussels, Belgium

    Local and regional involvement and action are particularly important in this Mission as is the need to combine various funding sources and intervention mechanisms. For these reasons, the Mission’s implementation plan foresees an annual Mission Forum as a major governance element. The annual Forum will be the moment to take stock, identify issues, steer the Mission and define the path ahead.

    Details about registration will follow – stay tuned!

    EU Green Week 2023

    June 3, 2023

    Brussels, Belgium

    The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Environment is launching a call for Partner Events to be organised around Europe and beyond during EU Green Week, from Saturday 3 June to Sunday 11 June 2023. This year, Partner Events should be on the topics of skills for sustainable, resilient and socially fair communities. Their objective should be to raise awareness and contribute to the public debate around this very actual topic. They may target the general public or specific stakeholder groups.

    EU Agricultural Research and Innovation Conference

    May 31, 2023

    Brussels, Belgium

    This year’s edition will give participants the opportunity to engage with scientists, farmers, rural communities, industry, advisors, policymakers, citizens and NGO representatives. It will provide an overview of European research and innovation activities and their achievements in agriculture, forestry and rural development. Participants will also be invited to share their views on how to shape the future EU agricultural research and innovation agenda. Please check this webpage regularly for upcoming details about the programme and side events.

    The long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas was launched in June 2021. Since then, rural pact mobilisation has started in various parts of the Union, to make rural Europe stronger, connected, resilient and prosperous by 2040. What are the experiences so far and what can we learn from each other in order to take the next steps for a revitalised rural Europe?

    Some of the topics will be:

    • Best practices and examples on the implementation of the Rural Pact at national level.
    • Local Action Groups as Local Pacts.
    • Young people’s involvement and participation in the Rural Pact.

    Meet up with colleagues from different member states, politicians, researchers, and representatives of the EU institutions. The event starts with study visits to rural businesses in Uppsala county on May 3, and continues with an interactive conference on May 4.

    Interreg Europe’s project SILVER SMEs is organising its final conference on 21 February 2023 in Brussels! The event will be an opportunity to explore the challenges of ageing in rural and mountainous areas and to discover how partners have successfully boosted the development of the Silver Economy in response to these challenges.

    From training and communication with entrepreneurs to the creation of calls dedicated to SMEs and the integration of the Silver Economy as a territorial development axis, partners of the SILVER SMEs project managed to find solutions adapted to each of their territories in order to develop the Silver Economy, for the benefit of the older rural population.

    The purpose of the webinar is to showcase new and updated knowledge resources on Climate-ADAPT, supporting adaptation policies, planning and implementation, in particular at regional and local levels. Examples of new resources, implemented in the second semester of 2023, are a new dashboard on adaptation policies, available at the EEA’s ‘Climate and Energy in the EU portal’, an update of the Climate-ADAPT country profiles on adaptation actions at national levels, and the new Adaptation Dashboard of the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change Portal. The webinar will also provide a broad overview on new developments on other topics, such as the ‘European Climate Risk Assessment’ section. Furthermore, actions, foreseen in the first semester of 2024, will be introduced. In interactive sessions, feedback will be gathered on the new content and functionalities as well as envisaged priorities from the perspective of Climate-ADAPT users and providers.  

    EU CAP Network Focus Group recovery of abandoned agricultural lands

    January 24, 2023

    Santiago de Compostela, Spain

    How to foster new, practical ways for better management of abandoned agricultural land in a sustainable way? Members of the Focus Group will collect and highlight best practices, approaches and methods in the process of reversion of land abandonment, and also they will identify the challenges and opportunities for those dealing with land abandonment.

    Focus Group meetings are not open to the public.

    This event will be dedicated to matchmaking and networking amongst advisors, farmers, researchers, and other relevant stakeholders to support the preparation of proposals for the upcoming Horizon Europe Calls on advisory networks. Additionally, the event will create opportunities for exchanging knowledge and innovative ideas and practices, that may inspire potential applicants to take part in the next Horizon Europe call.

    The 2022 EU Agricultural Outlook conference

    December 8, 2022


    The EU Agricultural Outlook conference is the flagship annual event for broad exchanges among stakeholders on market prospects in agriculture. This includes discussion of the political framework and uncertainties surrounding market developments in the next 10 years.

    Through interventions from senior representatives from EU bodies and international organisations, panel discussions, and inspiring examples, this future-oriented event gathers farmers, agri-food experts and rural actors to discuss topical issues, in addition to examining medium-term outlook for agricultural markets, income and environment, with a 2032 horizon.

    No prior registration is required.

    Young people are the future of Protected Areas in Europe. As such, EUROPARC believes that Parks and Protected Areas should make sure that young people have a role in shaping and building this future, today.

    The EUROPARC Youth Manifesto, launched in 2018, paved a way with clear visions of a future built together with youth, Protected Areas and local municipalities. Since then, there have been many initiatives to implement these visions on local levels.

    In this webinar, EUROPARC wants to showcase three examples where Protected Areas have implemented various projects to increase opportunities for young people to take up active roles in their Protected Areas and local communities. Get inspired, and see how your Protected Area can support and empower youth, to create the green future of tomorrow!

    The United Nations designated 2022 as the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development. Despite the efforts made in promoting the sustainable development of mountain regions and the conservation of mountain ecosystems, poverty, food insecurity, social exclusion, limited access to basic services (drinking water, sanitation, energy), environmental degradation and exposure to natural hazards are still increasing.

    The symposium welcomes contributions from the research community in helping to respond to some of these challenges. A potential outcome of the symposium is to consolidate key discussion points and reflections on possible research priorities and/or contributions that the Swiss and international geosciences community would like to propose in support of the goals of the Year and the planned strategy roadmap that will follow.

    The Rural Pact conference

    June 15, 2022

    Brussels, Belgium

    The Rural Pact conference will bring together EU, national, and regional politicians along with local authorities, social and economic stakeholders in a participatory event that reflects the rural vision’s ambition and bottom-up character.

    It will engage participants in designing the governance of the Rural Pact and gather commitments for the achievement of the long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas. To do so, the conference will:

    • Engage all levels of governance and rural stakeholders in endorsing the goals of the vision;
    • Involve participants in implementing the vision 
    • Increase the visibility of rural areas 

    Registration will open soon!

    The European Commission Competence Centre on Modelling (CC-MOD) is organising the second biennial EU Conference on modelling for policy support. The event will take place during the week of 22 – 26 November 2021.

    The Conference will bring together researchers and policymakers from European and international institutions, Member States, universities, research institutes and consultancies to identify common challenges and solutions when using models to support policymaking across all policy domains.