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LIFE PASTORALP final conference

March 15, 2023

Forte di Bard in Bard, Aosta Valley, Italy.

The LIFE PASTORALP final conference “Global challenges in mountain agropastoral systems – Scientific evidence on impacts, adaptation and policies” will be held on 15–17 March 2023 at the Forte di Bard in Bard, Aosta Valley, Italy.

The conference aims at bringing together researchers, policymakers, agriculture and extension technicians, farmers and students to share and discuss current and emerging issues related to climate-driven global changes in mountain agropastoral systems. The debate on these issues, hosted in the heart of the Alps, will be fostered by experiences from all of Europe and mountain environments and will give rise to new ideas and proposals to be spread and shared globally.

SHERPA Annual Conference 2023: Co-creating rural futures

January 31, 2023

Montpellier, France

The 3rd SHERPA Annual Conference “Co-creating rural futures” will build on SHERPA’s contribution to the European Union Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas (LTVRA) and the work undertaken by the SHERPA partners during 2022.

The conference will focus on the role of Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) and multi-stakeholder governance in delivering the LTVRA and reflect upon the sustainability of SHERPA MAPs – as Science-Society-Policy interfaces – after the project’s end. 

SHERPA is organising a webinar on 2 December 2021, from 10.00 to 11.30 (CET) on the topic “Beyond the policy brief – How local actors engage in the policy process’.

Together with H2020 projects MOVINGLIAISON and PoliRural, SHERPA will share the experience and knowledge harvested at the local or regional levels, through the multi-actor platforms across these projects. It will highlight examples of how to deliver local actors engagement to feed into the policy process at different levels, from local to European.

Register to participate by latest 30 November 2021.

The RURALIZATION consortium is organising its Mid-term Conference on November 8 and 9 2021, dedicated to the H2020 Ruralization project results and future projections. Within the course of an on-site and virtual meeting with experts and stakeholders, the debate will be developed across three discussion rooms: rural research, rural generations and policy-making for rural areas.

The MOVING project coordinator, Mar Delgado, will participate in conference presenting in the rural research discussion group.