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MOVING will organise its third European Multi-Actor Platform (EU MAP) webinar on 5 October 2023, from 10 AM-12:30 AM (CET). The topic of the event will be focused on the constraints and opportunities of protected natural sites for mountain value chains.

In 2022, the EU MAP within the MOVING project carried out a study to investigate how the presence of protected natural sites affects value chains across its 23 mountain regions. 43.5% of MOVING Regions said that protected natural sites are somehow a constraint to mountain value chains as they harshen regulations on business activity and prevention, land and resource use as well as restrict tourism and visitor management. Nonetheless, the far majority of respondents (82.6%) also said that the presence of natural areas is an opportunity as it brings economic, environmental, and social benefits.

The aim of this webinar is to investigate and exchange the barriers and opportunities linked to the presence of natural sites in mountain areas, its implications for mountain value chains, and good practices to reconcile the development of mountain value chains with environmental protection and community well-being. This webinar will take stock of the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development (2022), the World Network of Mountain Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme as well as the MOVING Cluster on nature and ecosystem services. The discussion will be framed in line with the latest progress on the EU’s biodiversity Strategy and particularly the Nature Restoration Law.

MOVING organised an European Multi-Actor Platform (EU MAP) webinar on 8 November 2022, from 9.30 to 1.15 (CET), on European Quality schemes: the added value for mountain value chains.

The objectives of the webinar were;

  • Find out more about MOVING project results and the EU MAP;
  • Provide an update of the new EU quality policy, according to the EC legislative proposals;
  • Inform about the implementation and added value of the EU quality schemes and the implications for mountain value chains;
  • Enhance the exchange, learn and interact at the EU level on the application to mountain value chains.

Have a look at the agenda.

Presentations and recordings:

1. MOVING: first half of the project – progress and results, Mar Delgado (UCO)

| Presentation, Video

2. MOVING Community of Practice and the EU Multi-Actor Platform, Miranda García (AEIDL)

| Presentation, Video

3. New EU quality policy and the implications to mountain value chains, Branka Tome (DG AGRI – Unit F.3 Geographical Indications)

| Presentation, Video

4. AREPO’s position and policy recommendations on the EC proposal on the revision of EU GIs, Francesca Alampi and Giulia Scaglioni (AREPO)

| Presentation, Video

5. Implementation of the EU optional quality term “mountain product”, Guillaume Corradino (Euromontana)

| Presentation, Video

6. Serra da Estrela PDO Cheese value chain, Catarina Esgalhado (University of Evora)

| Presentation, Video

7. Alto-Molise Dairy value chain, Raiza Rocha (University of Molise)

| Presentation, Video

8. Trento PDO Wine value chain, Ekaterina Kleshcheva (VINIDEA)

| Presentation, Video

9. Sjenica lamb PDO value chain, Tamara Zivadinovic (MENA Group)

| Presentation, Video

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ESEE 2022 Conference Pisa

June 13, 2022

Pisa, Italy

In June 2022 will take place the Pisa 2022 14th International Conference of European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE).

Multi-Actor Platforms / Living Labs are increasingly considered by innovation policies as drivers of transformative change. Indeed, the interaction between stakeholders is supposed to generate innovation adapted to the needs of users and their context and to promote inclusion.

DESIRAMOVING and SHERPA H2020 projects organise a special session in the ESEE 2022 Congress about Living Labs & Multi-Actor Platforms in rural areas: conceptualisation & case studies. It will be an opportunity to share experiences in this field and to reflect on how to consolidate methods and concepts around this approach.

MOVING organised an European Multi-Actor Platform (EU MAP) webinar on 16 December 2021, from 10:00 to 12:00 (CET).

Participants came together to:

  • Find out more about MOVING project results and the EU MAP, and
  • Get to know some of the specific traditional or emerging value chains working on innovation and climate change resilience in the MOVING project.

Have a look at the agenda.

Presentations and recordings

  1. MOVING: first year of progress and results, Mar Delgado (University of Córdoba) | Presentation, Video
  2. MOVING Community of Practice and the EU Multi-Actor Platform, Blanca Casares (AEIDL) | Presentation, Video
  3. Los Pedroches PDO Iberian Ham value chain, Sherman Farhad (University of Córdoba) | Presentation, Video
  4. Speyside Malt Whisky value chain, Kirsty Blackstock (The James Hutton Institute) | Presentation, Video
  5. Certified ecotourism Southern Romanian Carpathian Mountains value chain, Cătălina Rogozan (Highclere Consulting) | Presentation, Video

Please, do not hesitate to contact (Blanca Casares) for further information.