Towns play a crucial role in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Local cooperation and coordination, across sectors and with the society, enable place-based and sustainable solutions supported by the whole community.

The goal of this two-hour workshop is to tackle questions such as how to identify challenges, how to take first steps as well as how to communicate with stakeholders. Good examples of climate action in towns will also be highlighted, enabling peer-to-peer exchange.

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June 21, 2021

Brno, Czechia

The Forum Carpaticum is an open meeting of the Science for the Carpathians (S4C) initiative. S4C – Science for the Carpathians – connects scientists in Central Europe, defines research priorities for the region, provides applicable findings for the politics of the region and enhances international collaboration with partners from outside the Carpathians.

The 6th Forum addresses the overarching theme of ‘Linking the Environmental, Political and Societal Aspects for Carpathian Sustainability’.

GreenRisk4ALPs Mountain Forest Conference

June 28, 2021

Online & Innsbruck, Austria

The event will provide space for the continuous dialogue between scientists, practitioners, policy-makers and the public. It will highlights current research and invite key actors and networks to reflect upon an important question: Natural hazard risk: Saving the Alpine future with or without protective forest? Furthermore, the event will present innovative decision support tools for ecosystem-based risk management.

The project, GreenRisk4ALPs, supports risk-based protective forest management as part of an integral and ecosystem-based natural hazard risk management in the Alpine Space.

The 60th Congress of ERSA (European Regional Science Associations) will be organised as a hybrid event, with possibility of attending the event live in Bolzano, Italy, or online. The conference aims at providing an updated overview of the main territorial developments and their current/potential implications on the domains of Regional Science in Europe. At the same time, it will deal with possible and potentially resilient strategies and/or solutions for the future.

MOVING partner, Gusztav Nemes from Rural Bt and Centre for Economic and Regional Studies in Hungary, is co-organising a special session on “The impact of COVID-19 on alternative and local food systems (ALFS) and the potential for sustainability transitions – case studies and theoretical considerations”.
Interested participants can apply for the call for presentations.


Forum Origin, Diversity and Territories

October 13, 2021

Grisons, Switzerland

Rural territories are going through an unprecedented crisis, testing the resilience of their communities and ecosystems. This has repercussions on natural resources and their preservation, as well as on socio-economic networks, which have become increasingly fragile.

In this context of uncertainty, the actors of the territory have the important task of adapting the governance of the territories, to give perspective to the trajectories of sustainable development and to innovate the modes of consumption and production in the territories.

Organised by MOVING partner, Origin, this year’s edition of the Forum aims to participate in the writing of local solutions and invites participants to draw together the contours of new paradigms for the territories.
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Co-organised by Euromontana, the European Association of Mountain Areas and Cia-Agricoltori Italiani, the 12th European Mountain Convention is set to take place in the Natural Park & Biosphere Reserve of Sila, Calabria, Italy. The Convention aims to define a sustainable strategy for the development of smart mountains by providing the basis for more integrated and effective public policies, contributing to the sustainable development of mountain areas and the quality of life of mountain communities.

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