The International Conference on Socio-Ecological Systems and Agro-pastoral Resources in the Challenges of Rural Areas is taking place on October 3-4, 2024, at Universitas Mercatorum in Rome, Italy. This conference aims to foster the exchange of research findings, experiences, and local practices related to the conservation, governance, and management of socio-ecological systems (SES), with a special focus on farming and pastoral systems in rural areas, particularly in marginal ones.

Themes and Topics Include:

  • Farming, Pastoral, and Forest Systems: Governance, Management, and Practices
  • Landscape Change and Land Use
  • Business Networks, Co-production, and Innovative Markets: Food, Energy, and Wood
  • Awareness-raising on Farming and Pastoral Systems among Non-farming Communities
  • Young People in Rural Areas
  • Recognizing and Rewarding Farmers for Ecosystem Services
  • Managing Conflicts in Commons
  • Enabling Factors for Revitalization and Ecological Transition in Rural Areas: Policy Issues
  • Social Innovation in Rural Areas: Governance and Practices
  • Living Conditions and Quality of Life in Rural Areas
  • The Role of UNESCO Recognition for Transhumance
  • Best Practices, Case Studies, and Experiences

Contribution proposals should be submitted in English to Participants wishing to submit a contribution will be asked to submit an abstract (minimum 200 words, maximum 500 words). The abstract should briefly state the aim of the research, the main findings and conclusions.

Save the date for the 13th edition of the European Mountain Convention! Organised by Euromontana, the Government of Catalonia and CREAF, the event will build on the 2050 vision for mountain areas articulated during the previous European Mountain Convention held in Calabria in 2022, and will focus on how to make mountain economies more sustainable, resilient and prosperous.

Mountain economies are based on economic sectors that are the beating heart of mountain areas, provide employment to mountain communities and essential ecosystem services to the society at large, and are often embedded in territorial identities and values. However, these value chains face a number of economic, social and environmental challenges, exacerbated by the geographical constraints of mountain areas. The XIII European Mountain Convention will be an opportunity to explore and identify solutions and pathways to overcome some of these challenges.

International Mountain Conference 2025

September 14, 2025

Innsbruck, Austria

The University of Innsbruck has announced that the next International Mountain Conference (IMC) will take place on 14–18 September 2025 in Innsbruck, Austria. The key goals of the conference are to synthesize and enhance understanding of mountain systems, especially the impacts of global change. The conference will build upon previous IMCs and aims to support the continuation of mountain research.

The tentative timeline for the event includes a call for focus sessions at the end of 2024, a call for abstracts from January to February 2025, and registration from March to May 2025. The final schedule for the conference will be released online in July 2025.