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Analysis of the implementation of the EU optional quality term “mountain product”Report24 April 2024reportmoving
D6.3 Synthesis report including a Repertoire of Strategic OptionsDeliverable18 April 2024deliverablemoving
D1.5 Youth engagement reportDeliverable16 April 2024deliverablemoving
PRESS RELEASE | GIs and mountain products take center stage in BrusselsPress Release11 April 2024press-releasemoving
D5.1 Comparative cross-case report on Mountain Value ChainsDeliverable25 March 2024deliverablemoving
D5.2 Clusters’ policy briefsDeliverable25 March 2024deliverablemoving
PRESS RELEASE | MOVING Scientific Conference in CordobaPress Release21 March 2024press-releasemoving
PRESS RELEASE | MOVING podcast: Conversations on Sustainable MountainsPress Release4 March 2024press-releasemoving
Cambio climático y despoblación, principales amenazas a las producciones de las zonas de montañaArticle8 February 2024articlemoving
PRESS RELEASE | MOVING Foresight WorkshopPress Release12 January 2024press-releasemoving
D4.3 Report on participatory value chain analysisDeliverable20 November 2023deliverablemoving
PRESS RELEASE | MOVING workshop in HungaryPress Release10 November 2023press-releasemoving
MOVING EU MAP Webinar | Protected natural sites: A constraint or an opportunity for mountain value chains?Report31 October 2023reporteu-map
Building Resilience to Overcome VulnerabilityInfographic25 October 2023infographicmoving
Mountain Value Chains: Our treasureInfographic12 October 2023infographicmoving
Value creation in mountainsInfographic12 October 2023infographicmoving
Applying value chain upgrading strategies to mountain value chains to improve resiliencePractice Abstract16 August 2023practice-abstractmoving
Perceived threats of 23 mountain value chains across Europe and building adaptive capacity to increase resiliencePractice Abstract16 August 2023practice-abstractmoving
Engaging young people to make mountains more resilient: Findings from 23 cases across EuropePractice Abstract16 August 2023practice-abstractmoving
Cluster V: Value and quality productsPractice Abstract16 August 2023practice-abstractmoving
Cluster N: Ecosystem services in high nature value farming regions of European mountainsPractice Abstract16 August 2023practice-abstractmoving
Cluster G: Governance, Cooperation and Territoriality:comparing value chains and connections totourism across six European mountain areasPractice Abstract16 August 2023practice-abstractmoving
Cluster I: Innovation and Infrastructure for Resilient Mountain Value ChainsPractice Abstract16 August 2023practice-abstractmoving
Cluster S: Food chains and society in mountain areas – From depopulation to new inclusive communities based (also) on food productionPractice Abstract16 August 2023practice-abstractmoving
UK – SCOTLAND | Resilience in Whisky, Food and Drink Value Chains: technology, cooperation and youth are the answer if funding is providedPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
BEYDAGLARI | Greenhouse tomato production in Beydaglari: Increasing value added, sustainable and resilient value chainPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
SWISS JURA | Tête de Moine Value Chain: Challenges and Opportunities for a High-Quality Cheese Production in the Swiss Jura RegionPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
SWISS ALPS | Scaling New Heights: Strengthening the Mountain Cereal Value Chain with collaboration, innovation and education for greater resiliencePractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
SPANISH PYRENEES | Threats and adaptive capacities of wine production in Spanish PyreneesPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
SIERRA MORENA | Main aspects of boosting the contribution of PDO Iberian ham to the sustainability and resilience of the Sierra Morena mountainsPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
BETIC SYSTEMS | Adaptive capacity of organic mountain olive grovesPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
SLOVAK CARPATHIAN MOUNTAINS | Honey value chain vulnerabilities and required adaptation improvements in Slovak mountainsPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
DINARIC MOUNTAINS | Sjenica Lamb quality and origin valorisation through mobilisation of actors and supportive policiesPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
SOUTHERN ROMANIAN CARPATHIAN MOUNTAINS | Better governance and decentralization of funding for sustainable mountain tourism in the Southern Romanian CarpathiansPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
MACIÇO NOROESTE | Mountain wine from Alto Douro: threats and adaptive capacityPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
CORDILHEIRA CENTRAL | Maintaining the link between cheese and the mountain landscapePractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
MALESHEVSKI MOUNTAINS | Mandatory policy adjustments and targeted investments for sustainable rural tourism in Maleshevski regionPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
EASTERN ALPS | Mountain wine from Trento – threats and adaptive capacityPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
CRETE | Responding to threats to the Cretan Carob Flour Value ChainPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstract
NORTHERN APENNINES | Together for more prosperous Apuan Alps: Current threats and future resolutionsPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
CENTRAL APENNINES | Empowering the mountain: strategies for a sustainable futurePractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
TRANSDANUBIAN MOUNTAINS | Knowledge economy for sustainable livelihoods: Cold Mountain Shelter value chain analysis in Transdanubian mountain reference landscapePractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
DRÔME VALLEY | The importance of territorial dialogue, reclaiming pastoral areas and promoting local products to sustain the sheep industry in the Drôme ValleyPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
CORSICA | Impact of scientific and technical support to organisational actors on value chain governance: Cynips pest case studyPractice Abstract4 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
ŠUMAVA – CESKY LES | Targeted agricultural subsidies and cooperation of local actors for sustainable development of agriculture in the Šumava MountainsPractice Abstract3 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
STARA PLANINA | Advocating the use of a result-based payment scheme (RBPS) for maintaining the supply of public goods from High Nature Value (HNV) farmland in BulgariaPractice Abstract3 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
AUSTRIAN ALPS | The importance of cooperation for sheep pasture farming in the region of WeizPractice Abstract3 August 2023practice-abstractregional-map
D3.3 Tools for science-society-policy interfacesDeliverable31 July 2023deliverablemoving
D1.2 MOVING Mountains AppDeliverable31 July 2023deliverablemoving
D4.4 Digital StoriesDeliverable31 July 2023deliverablemoving
D3.2 Land use systems vulnerability matrixes and vulnerability maps for the 23 reference regionsDeliverable4 July 2023deliverablemoving
D4.7 Regional Practice Abstracts (second batch)Deliverable31 May 2023deliverablemoving
Benefits of Scotch WhiskyInfographic11 May 2023infographicregional-map
D4.6 Global Upgrading StrategyDeliverable27 April 2023deliverablemoving
MOVING ClustersInfographic18 April 2023infographicmoving
Protected natural sites in MOVING’s RegionsArticle12 April 2023articlemoving
D4.5 Report on Vulnerability and Resilience Performance of 23 Reference Region Value ChainsDeliverable28 February 2023deliverablemoving
MOVING European Multi-Actor Platform (EU MAP)Infographic13 January 2023infographiceu-map
Understanding the Scotch Malt Whisky value chainInfographic23 December 2022infographicmoving regional-map
MOVING EU MAP webinar | European Quality schemes: the added value for mountain value chainsReport22 December 2022reporteu-map
IMD 2022: Women move Europe’s mountainsArticle11 December 2022articleeu-map
Creating a Community of Practice on Mountain AreasPractice Abstract28 November 2022practice-abstractmoving
Story Map Building and Visualising Tool forScience and SocietyPractice Abstract28 November 2022practice-abstractmoving
Building a shared understanding of MountainValue ChainsPractice Abstract28 November 2022practice-abstractmoving
Mapping of mountain areas vulnerabilityPractice Abstract28 November 2022practice-abstractmoving
Farming and Forestry Systems Susceptibilityto Climate ChangePractice Abstract28 November 2022practice-abstractmoving
Farming and Forestry Systems in MountainAreasPractice Abstract28 November 2022practice-abstractmoving
Inventory of over 400 European MountainValue ChainsPractice Abstract28 November 2022practice-abstractmoving
Participatory Theory Building: a citizen-scienceapproach for “grounding” the MOVINGconceptual and analytical frameworkPractice Abstract28 November 2022practice-abstractmoving
UK – SCOTLAND | Speyside Malt WhiskyPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
BEYDAGLARI | The sustainability of highland greenhouse tomato cultivation in Elmalı / BeydaglariPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
SWISS JURA | The resilience of Tête de Moine PDO value chainPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
SWISS ALPS | A future-oriented case of diversifying mountain farming through cooperative organic grain productionPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
SPANISH PYRENEES MOUNTAIN | Early development of a mountain wine value chain: vignerons from Huesca, PyreneesPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
SIERRA MORENA | The taste of dehesa: Los Pedroches PDO Iberian Ham (Jamón Ibérico) value chainPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
BETIC SYSTEM | Making mountain olive groves resilientPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
SLOVAK CARPATHIAN MOUNTAINS | Bee pasture for honey productionPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
DINARIC ALPS | Transitioning towards a short Sjenica lamb value chain managed by producersPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
SOUTHERN ROMANIAN CARPATHIAN MOUNTAINS | Certified Ecoturism value chain analysis in the Zărnești – Piatra Craiului ’eco-destination’Practice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
MACIÇO NOROESTE | The Eastern Douro winesPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
CORDILHEIRA CENTRAL | The mountain landscape and PDO products – the case of Serra da Estrela cheesePractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
MALESHEVSKI MOUNTAINS | Rural tourism value chain analysis in Maleshevski mountains reference landscapePractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
NORTHERN APENNINES | The Chestnut flour value chain and its sustanability in Alta VersiliaPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
EASTERN ALPS | Mountain wine and territory in TrentinoPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
CENTRAL APENNINES | Milk matters in Alto MolisePractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
TRANSDANUBIAN MOUNTAINS | Knowledge economy for sustainable livelihoods – Cold Mountain Shelter value chain analysisPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
CRETE | The carob flour value chain and its sustainability in RethymnoPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
DROME VALLEY | Pastoralism, a sustainable practice for the production of quality sheep meatPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
CORSICA | The conditions for maintaining the Corsican chestnut grove and the production of PDO flour in the face of its new uses and bioclimatic issuesPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
ŠUMAVA – CESKY LES | Beef production in Šumava mountainsPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
STARA PLANINA | Overcoming the challenges of public policy-making for maintaining the supply of public goods in BulgariaPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
AUSTRIAN ALPS | The strength of cooperation: sheep farmers cooperative in the region of WeizPractice Abstract27 November 2022practice-abstractmoving regional-map
D1.8 Practice Abstracts (1st batch)Deliverable24 November 2022deliverablemoving
D8.7 Data Management Plan (midterm version)Deliverable27 September 2022deliverablemoving
D1.3 MOVING CoP design and implementation reportDeliverable27 September 2022deliverablemoving
D1.4 Dissemination, Exploitation, Communication and Outreach (DECO) Activity ReportDeliverable19 September 2022deliverablemoving
MOVING’s contribution to the EU Long-term vision for rural areas (LTVRA)Infographic18 May 2022infographiceu-map moving
MOVING PosterPoster22 April 2022postermoving
MOVING 23 selected Value ChainsInfographic23 February 2022infographicmoving
MOVING EU MAP webinar | Mountain Value Chains: heterogeneity and innovationReport16 February 2022reporteu-map
UK – SCOTLAND | Speyside Malt WhiskyPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
BEYDAGLARI | Greenhouse TomatoPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
SWISS JURA | Tête de Moine PDO cheesePolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
SWISS ALPS | Mountain grainPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
SPANISH PYRENEES MOUNTAIN | Intense and special wines productionPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
SIERRA MORENA | Iberian Ham PDO – Los PedrochesPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
BETIC SYSTEM | Organic Olive OilPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
SLOVAK CARPATHIAN MOUNTAINS | Bio-honeyPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
DINARIC ALPS | Sjenica lamb PDOPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
SOUTHERN ROMANIAN CARPATHIAN MOUNTAINS | Certified EcotourismPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
MACIÇO NOROESTE | Douro Wine Value ChainPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
CORDILHEIRA CENTRAL | Serra da Estrela PDO CheesePolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
MALESHEVSKI MOUNTAINS | Rural TourismPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
NORTHERN APENNINES | Chestnut flourPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
EASTERN ALPS | Organic wine production for premium winesPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
CENTRAL APENNINES | Alto-Molise Dairy Value ChainPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
TRANSDANUBIAN MOUNTAINS | Cold mountain shelter – Knowledge economyPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
CRETE | Carob Flour Value Chain, “Central Rethymno”Policy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
DROME VALLEY | Sheep meat locally produced and valorizedPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
CORSICA | PDO chestnut flour and chestnut trees in the Renoso massifPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
ŠUMAVA – CESKY LES | High quality beef productionPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
STARA PLANINA | Public Goods from High Nature Value farmlandPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
AUSTRIAN ALPS | Lamb from the region of WeizPolicy Brief3 February 2022policy-briefregional-map
International Mountain Day | RetrospectiveInfographic9 December 2021infographic
MOVING Leaflet – CzechLeaflet17 November 2021leaflet
MOVING Leaflet – SerbianLeaflet17 November 2021leaflet
MOVING Leaflet – FrenchLeaflet19 October 2021leafletregional-map
MOVING Leaflet – SlovakLeaflet12 October 2021leafletregional-map
MOVING Leaflet – HungarianLeaflet28 September 2021leafletregional-map
D2.1 Conceptual and analytical framework (draft)Deliverable28 September 2021deliverablemoving
D2.2 Initial set of policy briefsDeliverable28 September 2021deliverablemoving
D4.2 List of selected value chains and relationship buildingDeliverable28 September 2021deliverablemoving
Mountains Value Chains InventoryInfographic23 September 2021infographic
MOVING Leaflet – RomanianLeaflet24 August 2021leafletregional-map
D4.1 Inventory of Mountain Value ChainsDeliverable29 June 2021deliverablemoving
MOVING Leaflet – TurkishLeaflet24 April 2021leafletregional-map
MOVING Leaflet – PortugueseLeaflet24 April 2021leafletregional-map
MOVING Leaflet – ItalianLeaflet24 April 2021leafletregional-map
MOVING Leaflet – SpanishLeaflet24 April 2021leafletregional-map
MOVING Leaflet – GreekLeaflet24 April 2021leafletregional-map
MOVING Leaflet – EnglishLeaflet24 April 2021leafletregional-map
D1.1 Dissemination, Exploitation, Communication and Outreach Strategy (initial)Deliverable28 March 2021deliverablemoving
D8.3 Data Management Plan (initial)Deliverable18 March 2021deliverablemoving
PRESS RELEASE | MOVING kick-off meetingPress Release16 September 2020press-releasemoving