Alpine Climate Action Plan 2.0

Apr 24, 2021

The Climate Action Plan 2.0 published by the Alpine Convention, is designed to support climate action at national, regional and European levels.

Together with the Alpine Climate Target System 2050, this plan is part of a broader strategy that supports progress towards climate-neutral and climate-resilience in the Alps by 2050.

The Climate Action Plan 2.0 prioritises specific measures to implement the mentioned target system by 2050 in 10 sectors of activity: transport; energy; tourism; natural hazards; water; spatial planning; soil; mountain agriculture; mountain forests; ecosystems and biodiversity.

Focusing on the medium-term horizon (5-10 years), the plan proposes detailed implementation pathways.

For Mountain Agriculture two pathways have been identified:

  • Promotion of Alpine products and increase in locally retained value added for a sustainable and climate-friendly agriculture;
  • Moving to organic and climate-friendly methods in Alpine farming.

For Mountain Forest four pathways have been identified:

  • Promoting the full use of the potential of Alpine protective mountain forests;
  • Promoting Alpine forests as carbon sinks;
  • Accelerate forest conversion to more resilient and close-to-nature ecosystems;
  • Promote an Alpine-wide integrated sustainable forest management approach.