CAP: Strategic Plans, stakeholder survey, thematic groups and more!

Feb 27, 2023

Author: Carla Lostrangio (AEIDL)

A new year begin and a new CAP too!

On 1 January 2023, the CAP Strategic Plans have officially been started to run and deliver their activities. The CAP Strategic Plans defines measures and actions to provide income support for farmers, market measures and rural development. These Plans are aligned to the CAP’s 10 specific objectives and the objectives of the European Green Deal.

In total, Europe counts 28 CAP Strategic Plans for 27 EU Member States. Each European Member States has designed a national CAP Strategic Plan based on their national SWOT analysis, with an exception of Belgium that counts of two CAP Strategic Plans (one for Wallonia and the other for Flanders).

MOVING, in collaboration with Euromontana, is analysing the CAP Strategic Plans and how they support mountain areas. Particularly, some partners of the project are carrying out a survey to collect good practices concerning the use of the Optimal Quality Term (OQT). All the gathered information will contribute to the MOVING policy roadmap and to Euromontana’s report on the implementation of the OQT “mountain product”.

Other CAP activities to engage with!

It’s not all! Early this year, different activities related to the CAP have been launched by the European Commission. Have a look at them and discover how you can get involved: