EU MAP webinar on Mountain Value Chains: heterogeneity and innovation

Dec 21, 2021

MOVING held its first EU MAP webinar on Mountain Value Chains: heterogeneity and innovation on 16 December 2021.

The event gathered around 60 attendees from different backgrounds (research, public authorities, advisors, business, producers, other EU EU-funded projects , etc.) from 18 countries.

The main objectives of this webinar were:

  1. Present the MOVING project and publicise the EU-MAP;
  2. Showcase specific traditional or emerging value chains working on innovation and resilience to climate change;
  3. Enhance the exchange, learn and interact at the EU level on hetereogeneity and innovation in mountain value chains.

During the webinar, two presentations focused on the first year of progress and results of the project and its Community of Practice (CoP). Within the MOVING CoP, the European Multi-Actor Platform (EU MAP) was presented.

The EU MAP offers an open space to stakeholders that are interested to exchange, learn and interact at the EU level to: (1) contribute to key MOVING deliverables; (2) support peer-to-peer exchanges on additional topics relevant for the members and for the regional MAPs; and (3) create a long-lasting community

The event featured other presentations on mountain value chains of three reference regions of project, which showed the heterogeneity and different levels of innovation: (i) Los Pedroches PDO Iberian Ham value chain; (ii) Speyside Malt Whisky value chain and (iii) Certified ecotourism Southern Romanian Carpathian Mountains value chain.

The highlights report, all the presentations and recordings of this MOVING’s webinar are available at the event page.

Get to know all MOVING Reference Regions and the 23 selected value chains.

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