First meeting of MOVING’s Reference Region Beydaglari (Turkey)

Aug 11, 2021

(Photo credit: Korhan Kinikli)
On 2 – 4 August 2021, the team of the Ege University, coordinator of the work of Beydaglari MOVING’s Reference Region (Antalya, Turkey) organised its first meeting to present MOVING.

The meeting provided an opportunity to bring together local and regional stakeholders for establishing the regional Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) and present the work related to the greenhouse tomato value chain.

About 20 stakeholders related to this value chain attended the event representing the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Elmali District; Elmali Chamber of Farmers; Chamber of Commissioners; agricultural cooperatives; tomato growers; West Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute; Elmali Municipalities; Water User Association; Vocational School of Elmali; and the Union of West Mediterranean Exporters.

The participants discussed the variety of tomato grown by the farmers, mainly cluster and cherry tomatoes for fresh consumption. They have expectations about the results of the project, especially the analysis of the effect of climate change on greenhouse tomato production, as they are facing increasing effects of drought and lack of skilled labour. Aware of climate change and global warming, the participants want to ask the government to take regional measures.

MOVING therefore evoked a lot of interest among the stakeholders and they are willing to participate in all planned project activities.

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