First meeting of MOVING’s Reference Region of Central Apennines

Aug 4, 2021

(Photo credit: professor Corrado Levoli)

On 18 July 2021, in Agnone (Molise, Italy), after a long phase of remote work due to the constraints of the pandemic, a first meeting was held with the institutional and socio-economic stakeholders of the MOVING’s Reference Region of Central Apennines.

About 30 local stakeholders related to the Alto-Molise Dairy Value Chain attended the event. There was a great representation from farmers, large local cheesemakers, professionals, local administration (mayors and the Alto-Molise Local Action Group) and citizens.

The team of the University of Molise (Italy), coordinator of the work in this project’s Reference Region, organised this first meeting to present and raise awareness about the MOVING project. The coordinator also generated interest by explaining the role of the regional Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) to be established in the Reference Region.

This public event provided an opportunity to listen to the local stakeholders and to collect some first considerations (critical aspects, strengths, etc.) relevant for the development of the MAP activities. During the meeting, a short questionnaire was also carried out to collect the participants’ opinions on the selected value chain, its role in the territory (economic, social, institutional, etc.) and some suggestions for the relevant actors to involve in the regional MAP. The ultimate goal is to ensure an appropriate stakeholder engagement.

During the meeting, the participants showed their interest in being part of the project to contribute to the success of the research and to acquire notions to enhance the resilience of this mountain region to climate change and other threats.

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