Kick-off meeting of Betic Systems regional Multi-Actor Platform

Aug 5, 2021

(Photo credit: Antonio Zafra)

The kick-off meeting of MOVING’s Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) in the Reference Region of the Betic Systems (Spain) took place on 8 July 2021.

During the meeting, participants discussed the work that will be carried out by analysing the value chain of the mountain olive grove, its vulnerability to climate change and other problems faced by this system.

The aim of this Multi-Actor Platform is to examine in depth how the mountain olive grove value chain significantly marks the identity of its landscapes, generates wealth and vitality in the villages of this region and contributes to maintaining natural biodiversity.

It brought together representatives of producers, processors, professional and environmental associations, town councils, researchers, the regional administration and other relevant institutions. All stakeholders offered their initial ideas about the problems, vulnerability and expectations with which they will be working together from September onwards.

Among the aspects of vulnerability of the value chain of the organic mountain olive grove, were mentioned the low profitability, the fragile awareness of the differentiated quality of the product, little support for the incorporation of young people, the lack of qualified people, the difficulty of influencing the formation of prices determined by large companies and only profitable for intensive productions.

Participants agreed to offer their availability, experience at farm level, and knowledge to respond to these problems and make this value chain more resilient.

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