Kick-off meeting of the Scottish regional Multi-Actor Platform (MAP)

Aug 5, 2021

The Scottish regional Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) held their virtual kick-off meeting on 20 July 2021.

Participants representing land use, industry, rural development and young people attended from the private, public and non-for-profit sectors. The icebreaker – discussing what mountains mean to them – illustrated how all participants had personal and professional links to Scottish mountains, including as a place providing national resources, recreation, tourism and family connections and as locations for research, land management, economic development and education.

People who took part of the meeting were seeking information on how to increase the share of value remaining in the local area; but also how to understand the linkages between their area and the wider regional, national and international situation regarding employment, skills and opportunities for economic development.

They were also interested in learning more about the links between managing peat soils and water sources under climate change, with the knock-on implications for food, drink and tourism sectors. As well as discussing the United Kingdom choice of value chain and mountain Reference Region (Malt Whisky from upper Speyside). Furthermore, the participants updated and improved the stakeholder analysis carried out so far and discussed opportunities for young people in the value chain.

The meeting was sweetened by the provision of locally sourced cakes by post from a small enterprise within the Mountain Reference Region, in recognition of the time and expertise shared by the participants.