A mountain focus at the European Week of Regions and Cities

Oct 10, 2022

Author: Carla Lostrangio (AEIDL)

On 10th October, the European Week of Regions and Cities opens its virtual and physical doors to host four-days of discussions and networking dedicated to regions and cities. This year’s edition was built under the motto “New Challenges for Europe’s Cohesion” and it focuses on green and digital transitions, territorial cohesion and youth empowerment. 

Mountain areas are at the core of attention of Europe’s Cohesion Policy. Indeed, under article 174 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the Cohesion Policy recognizes a special attention to mountains. 

We have curated a full list of dedicated events that involve mountain regions, cities and communities. Have a look!

Tuesday 11 October

Wednesday 12 October

Thursday 13 October