Mountains can also be eaten!

Oct 6, 2021

MOVING project coordinator, Mar Delgado, participated in the European Researchers’ Night “Bocados de Ciencia” (Science bites), organised at the end of September.

Mountains can also be eaten, perhaps not literally, but all the products that, thanks to them, we have at our disposal. For example, ham from pigs reared in these natural settlements, which are so important in the Spanish gastronomy.

With this example, Mar Delgado explained the importance of European mountain value chains in a 5-minute monologue. The activity was part of the European Researchers’ Night, and it proved to be a success. It was an afternoon dedicated to science where 12 researchers presented the various projects they are currently working on.

Mar made the audience reflect on the challenges faced by mountains, such as climate change, depopulation or land abandonment. She also explained how MOVING seeks to keep these territories alive by establishing new or upscaled value chains to contribute to the resilience and sustainability of these areas.

Watch the video here (in Spanish):