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Feb 15, 2023

Author: Diana Surová (CZU)

The MOVING project teams have prepared publicly available digital stories about the most up-to-date concerns of mountain value chains. This action is part of the project’s ambition to generate new, practical, and user-friendly outputs about mountain products for interested groups, including researchers, mountain stakeholders, policymakers, and any member of the general public.

The package of 23 short videos provides an overview of the vulnerability of mountain value chains in European and neighbourhood countries. To allow an exchange of knowledge across different regions, the narrations are prepared in national or regional languages with English subtitles.

The regional project teams worked diligently to collect on-site qualitative data. They used expert knowledge combined with participatory approaches to involve local, regional, and national stakeholders in fruitful discussions about mountain value chains’ threats and adaptation capacity to climate and other ongoing changes.

Each video, created by the regional partners, is an “original story” about the chosen assemblage of related products from the mountain areas. It focuses on the most critical threats and how they impact the vulnerability of studied value chains. The proposed adaptations to the mentioned risks from the stakeholders’ perspective are also presented. Value chains in focus are diverse and create a mosaic of mountain products related to local resources.

The MOVING team wishes you a pleasant and informative viewing of the prepared videos. We also appreciate your feedback and sharing!

In the 2023, the MOVING project continues in full swing, focusing on long-term development strategies for mountain value chains on the horizon by 2050.