MOVING’s first year

Sep 13, 2021

On 9 and 10 September 2021, MOVING hosted online its Steering Committee to take stock of the first year of the project.

During the first day, partners discussed the current status and progress of the project where Work Packages leaders provided updates of the work carried so far and the next steps. The meeting also included the participation and presentations of Alexia Rouby (Policy Officer) and Pilar Vizcaíno (Project Officer).

The second day was dedicated to an internal meeting on coordination of the work, financial aspects and a specific sesión dedicated to the 23 regional Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs).

During the first 12 months of the project, good progress has been made in the development of the Conceptual Framework of the project, helping to develop a shared language among Consortium members. This framework will provide the theoretical underpinning for all other activities. It allows linking the value chain literature to socio-ecological systems approaches. The meeting provided the space to present the Conceptual Framework, while allowing participants to give feedback on the work carried out.

Furthermore, other deliverables have been finalised, such as the Inventory of mountain value chains; the Initial set of Policy Briefs; the Land use systems and land cover map in 23 Reference Regions and the List of selected value chains and relationship building.

In the days leading up to the Steering Committee, two training sessions for researchers took place related to Work Packages 3 (Development of visual science-society-policy interface tools) and 4 (Participatory appraisal of vulnerability and performance of value chains). This was an opportunity for the project researchers and coordinators of the regional MAPs, to assess the current status of some of the tasks and exchange further information about the methodology.

As part of the project, 23 regional MAPs have been set up across the Mountain Reference Regions (MRR), where the project rolls-out its activities and research actions. In addition, an EU MAP is being established, offering an open space to stakeholders that are interested to exchange, learn and interact around the topic of resilience to climate change of mountain value chains.

Next steps:

  • Further training on relevant topics and methodologies will be organised in the coming months.
  • All partners will carry out their (i) Participatory vulnerability analysis of land systems; and (ii) Participatory value chain analysis.
  • Launch of the EU MAP of the MOVING Community of Practice.