MOVING new deliverables and other publications of interest

Oct 10, 2021

In recent months MOVING has published a number of deliverables, among them:

  • Inventory of mountain value chains: deliverable D4.1 or Inventory covers all European mountain regions located in EU Members States and associated countries, and it describes 454 mountain value chains (VCs). Know more about the distribution of the value chains in the Inventory infographic.
  • List of selected value chains and relationship building: deliverable D4.2 represents a starting point for the participatory value chain analysis at the heart of WP4 and the project in general. Regional partners have selected a focal value chain for further in-depth analysis from the wide variety of mountain value chains identified for their mountain reference regions as part of D4.1.
  • Initial set of policy briefs: deliverable D2.2 provides the first set of 23 Policy Briefs (PBs). These have been compiled building on the information collected in WP4 activities (in particular the Inventory of Mountain Value Chains), and through consultation with the regional Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) in each case-study region.

Find more about MOVING publications, here.