MOVING Practice Abstracts now online!

Nov 27, 2022

Author: Miranda García (AEIDL)

In August 2022, the project delivered 31 Practice Abstracts aimed at communicating easy-to-access information to practitioners relevant to the project. These short documents are now available online: in the MOVING library and in each one of the 23 Reference Regions.

The main objective is to provide (a) key results and outcomes of specific tasks that have been carried out so far in MOVING, and (b) practical recommendations to enable the practitioners make use of the results. 

The first set of Practice Abstracts is focused on the following topics: 

  • Value Chain Analysis in the 23 mountain reference regions
  • Participatory Theory Building
  • Inventory of Mountain Value Chains
  • Farming and Forestry Systems in Mountain Areas
  • Farming and Forestry Systems Susceptibility to Climate Change 
  • Mapping of mountain areas vulnerability
  • Tools for Science-Society-Policy Interfaces
  • Creating a Community of Practice on Mountain Areas
  • Participatory Value Chain Analysis – Methodology 

This is the first batch of Practice Abstracts that the project has delivered. A subsequent set of 58 Practice Abstracts is foreseen for the end of the project. Read all Practice Abstracts!