MOVING showcases the role of women in mountains at educational event in Cordoba

Feb 19, 2024

Author: Marta Baena (UCO)

Editor: Miranda García (AEIDL)

In a stirring showcase of female empowerment and scientific curiosity, the MOVING project visited the CEIP Nuestra Señora de los Remedios in Zuheros, Cordoba. This initiative, organised by the University of Cordoba to commemorate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, aims to inspire the next generation of female scientists throughout the province.

Researchers from across the academic spectrum were invited to engage in this educational venture. The goal? To traverse Cordoba’s urban and provincial learning centers, meticulously unraveling their research while spotlighting the seminal role of women scientists, all in a bid to ignite the scientific curiosity of the younger generation.

Engaging rural students

At the helm of MOVING, Professor Mar Delgado of the School of Agronomists and Forestry, alongside Forestry Engineer and researcher Verena Arndt and local journalist Marta Baena, made their way to the quaint village school in Subbética Cordobesa. The school, though small with just 23 students ranging from 3 to 14 years, welcomed the talk with unmatched enthusiasm. The session was designed to shine a light on the historical significance of women in mountain regions, delve into the MOVING project’s research, and explore the economic journey of the PDO Los Pedroches Iberian ham.

The educational and interactive nature of the talk enlightened attendees about the mountain’s importance, the decades-long contributions of women, and the crucial role future generations play in preserving this natural heritage.

The dialogue was vibrant, with students eagerly sharing their views and pondering over questions posed by the researchers about their personal connections to the mountain and their future academic aspirations. Through post-it notes and a show of hands, the young audience expressed the profound value they place on the mountain, departing with the empowering message: women move mountains, and their potential knows no bounds.

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