MOVING takes part in the first Mountain Innovation Fair

Nov 3, 2023

Author: Marta Baena (UCO)

Editor: Miranda García (AEIDL)

From November 23 to 25, Mar Delgado, the project coordinator from the University of Cordoba, represented the MOVING project at the inaugural Mountain Innovation Fair held in Bolzano, Italy.

The event brought together more than twenty projects from around the world, showcasing their work through exhibition stands, presentations, informative posters, brochures, and region-specific products. The fair served as a platform for sharing the initiatives being implemented.

This two-day event featured a series of discussions where participants could exchange experiences and foster future collaborations. It offered a lively, interactive, and collaborative environment where ideas were shared concerning both the challenges and successes of innovative approaches. Animated discussions and practical demonstrations were also part of the programme.

At the core of the fair were innovative concepts, fresh approaches, and the promotion of broader access to innovations. It served as a means to connect remote areas and facilitate the replication of successful actions through collaboration and joint efforts.

One of the main objectives of the organisers was to encourage interactions among experts from mountain regions. As they emphasised: “Unique solutions are constantly evolving and being applied in mountain areas, demonstrating that challenging living conditions can become drivers of innovation.”

The event was jointly organised by Eurac Research, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the United Nations University’s Global Mountain Safeguard Research (GLOMOS) programm at UNU-EHS. The Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) provided funding support for the event.

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