MOVING’s last Consortium meeting: Reflecting on success and legacy

Jun 25, 2024

Author: Miranda García (AEIDL)

On 24 June, the 23 partners of MOVING met for the last time before the project’s end, scheduled by the end of August. The meeting was an opportunity to review MOVING’s journey, highlighting both successes and challenges encountered along the way.

Key discussions focused on the essential elements contributing to the success of science-society-policy interfaces: credibility through high-quality knowledge production, relevance in addressing critical policy issues, and legitimacy by ensuring social acceptability. The structured interfaces and effective internal and external communication were identified as crucial factors influencing these aspects.

Partners emphasised the enduring impact of MOVING, planning to sustain engagement with local communities through regional maps, presenting project outcomes to key decision-makers, and fostering knowledge exchange with other value chains. They also intend to leverage project experiences and concepts in future initiatives and projects.

During the meeting, the project’s coordinator Mar Delgado, stressed that this is not the end of MOVING and its results will continue to have an impact in the future as new opportunities arise

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