31 practice lessons from MOVING’s Practice Abstracts are now waiting for you!

Oct 30, 2023

Author: Miranda García (AEIDL)

In April 2023, the MOVING project achieved a significant milestone by delivering 31 Practice Abstracts.  Practice Abstacts are short documents built on the experience and knowledge gathered throughout various project tasks, notably the participatory appraisal of vulnerability and performance of value chains. These abstracts encapsulate essential information, recommendations, or practices that end-users can readily incorporate into their everyday routines and decision-making processes.

Facilitators and Monitors of the MOVING Reference Regions have outlined their learnings and recommendations on the vulnerability and resilience of value chains in the 23 mountain reference regions, the role of youth in mountain areas, and the upgrading strategies to enhance the resilience of these value chains.

These Practice Abstracts have been created with the intention to serve as an informative resource for a diverse audience, including mountain experts and communities, researchers, policy-makers, NGOs, and more.

The abstracts cover a broad spectrum of topics, encompassing:

  • Vulnerability and resilience of Value Chains in the 23 mountain reference regions
  • Cluster S – Social and demographic aspects
  • Cluster I – Innovation and infrastructure
  • Cluster G – Governance, territoriality and cooperation
  • Cluster N – Nature and ecosystem services
  • Cluster V – Value and quality products
  • Youth engagement – findings from 23 cases
  • Vulnerability and resilience of value chains – findings from 23 cases
  • Upgrading strategies for 23 value chains to improve resilience

This is the second set of Practice Abstracts delivered by the MOVING project, with the first batch being released in August 2022. A subsequent set of 58 Practice Abstracts is foreseen for the end of the project. Read all Practice Abstracts!