New open calls to strengthen climate adaptation and resilience

Jan 23, 2024

Author: Miranda García (AEIDL)

In a significant move to combat climate change impacts, two projects under the Horizon Europe framework, CLIMAAX (CLIMAte risk and vulnerability Assessment framework and toolboX) and Pathways2Resilience (P2R), have announced their first open calls. These calls will offer financial and technical support dedicated to empowering European regions and communities to enhance their adaptive capabilities and resilience against climate change through innovative methodologies and support systems.

CLIMAAX’s mission for regional climate resilience

CLIMAAX, a four-year project, aims to provide financial, analytical and practical support to improve regional climate and emergency risk management plans. With a consortium comprising climate risk assessment experts, emergency response specialists, regional authorities, Civil Protection Agencies, and SMEs, CLIMAAX is set to develop a tailored framework and toolbox for climate risk assessment at local and regional levels. CLIMAAX will help local and regional authorities and communities gain a deeper understanding of the climate risks they are exposed to, and empower them to take action, assist communities in evaluating their past experience and progress in assessing climate change risks.

The project’s first open call invites regions and communities to implement the CLIMAAX methodological framework and toolbox in conducting detailed regional and local multi-risk assessments. Open to public bodies and non-profit entities in climate-impacted communities, this call provides substantial support for conducting effective climate risk assessments.

The call will be closing on 8 March 2024 at 17:00 Brussels Time. To apply, and for more detailed information about the application process, eligibility criteria, and support provided, visit the application page.

Pathways2Resilience’s vision for climate-adapted communities

Parallelly, Pathways2Resilience, a five-year project, aims to enhance the resilience of European regions and communities. P2R’s methodology involves transformative climate adaptation via systems innovation and capacity building.

P2R’s first call focuses on regions and communities particularly vulnerable to climate impacts, offering financial assistance and capacity-building activities to develop transformative adaptation strategies and innovation agendas. This opportunity welcomes applications from public authorities, private non-profit bodies, and SMEs, with a focus on regions and communities with heightened vulnerability and low adaptive capacity to climate change.

The deadline to apply for the call is 22 February 2024 at 17:00 CET The application form and all-important information can be found here.

A collaborative effort for climate resilience

Both CLIMAAX and P2R are in line with the EU Adaptation Strategy and the EU Mission on Climate Adaptation, emphasising the need for more ambitious climate adaptation, resilience building, prevention, and preparedness. These open calls represent a unique opportunity for regions and communities to engage in active climate adaptation and resilience-building measures.