New releases from MOVING to advance knowledge on mountain value chains

Jul 13, 2023

Author: Miranda García (AEIDL)

The latest releases from MOVING are here! These documents mark an important milestone in the project’s progress, providing valuable insights and findings that contribute to our understanding of the challenges faced by mountain value chains across Europe.

Vulnerability matrixes and maps for the 23 reference regions

One of the notable releases includes a report gathering 23 vulnerability matrixes and 23 vulnerability maps for the reference regions covered by MOVING. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the vulnerability of land-use systems in European mountain regions. By assessing the impacts of different drivers of change, these matrixes and maps can contribute to the development of effective strategies and policies for mitigating vulnerabilities and promoting resilience.

Building adaptive capacity for resilient value chains

MOVING also presents a report focusing on the vulnerability and resilience performance of value chains across the 23 mountain regions covered by our project. This document examines the perceived threats faced by 23 mountain value chains across Europe and identifies preconditions for building adaptive capacity to enhance resilience. By analysing these value chains, the report offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in mountain regions.

Enhancing resilience in value chains

Based on the evidence and findings of barriers and opportunities for mountain value chains, the project unveils a reportthat focuses on Upgrading Strategies for the Value Chains. This report provides recommendations and strategies to strengthen the value chains in mountain regions. These strategies aim to enhance their resilience, promote sustainable practices, and ensure long-term viability.

Showcasing best practices and initiatives

Another significant document is the release of the second set of MOVING Practice Abstracts, which highlights innovative practices and case studies in the project. These abstracts showcase successful initiatives and solutions implemented by actors on the ground to address the vulnerabilities and enhance the resilience of mountain value chains. The first set of MOVING Practice Abstracts can be found here.

Facilitating knowledge exchange

The implementation of the MOVING Community of Practice (CoP) is also highlighted in this new set of releases. This report outlines the design and establishment of a Community of Practice within the MOVING project: a collaborative platform for stakeholders, researchers, and experts to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and foster dialogue on issues related to mountain regions. It highlights the successful implementation of the CoP and its role in facilitating meaningful collaboration and knowledge transfer.

In addition to the 23 regional Multi-Actor Platforms established in the project’s reference regions, the CoP includes a dedicated European-level Multi-Actor Platform (EU MAP). This platform seeks to engage like-minded experts and mountain stakeholders working on the sustainability of mountain value chains at the European level. Do you want to join the MOVING EU MAP?

Communication and dissemination efforts

Lastly, the DECO Activity Report covers the project’s dissemination, exploitation, and communication efforts during the first two years. This report showcases the various activities undertaken to raise awareness about the project’s results and engage with stakeholders. It highlights MOVING’s commitment to sharing its findings with a wider audience and promoting the importance of sustainable mountain management.

The publication of these reports represents a significant step forward for the MOVING project. The insights gained through these reports will contribute to the development of effective policies, strategies, and practices for the sustainable management of mountain value chains. They also serve as a valuable resource for stakeholders, policy-makers, and researchers working towards the preservation and sustainable management of these critical ecosystems.

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