Participatory Vulnerability Analysis in the Reference Regions

Jun 7, 2021

On 2 and 4 of June 2021, the University of Córdoba, as the lead for project’s task on Participatory vulnerability analysis of land systems, organised a training and discussion session for and with the MOVING partners. The aim of the session was to present the Vulnerability Analysis methodology, which will be applied in all MOVING Reference Regions.

During the session, the University of Córdoba presented the guidelines and the next steps to start the vulnerability analysis in the pilot case study, to be carried out in the next two months in the region of Sierra Morena, Spain.

The objective of this analysis is to appraise the vulnerability of land use systems in each of the project reference regions to climate change and other relevant drivers of change. For that, MOVING will apply a participatory perspective, gathering information from selected experts and citizens with local knowledge in each region.

After the pilot, the lead team will explain the methodology tested in Sierra Morena to the rest of the partners, so that they can carry out the same methodology in their case studies between the months of September and October 2021.

This exercise builds on the previous task on assessment of farming and forestry systems’ susceptibility to climate change and related ecological disturbances. In addition, it will be used to deliver a vulnerability matrix for each of the reference regions.

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