Participatory workshop on the greenhouse tomato value chain in Beydaglari (Turkey)

Jul 15, 2022

Author: Filiz Kinikli (EGE University)

Editor: Blanca Casares (AEIDL)

On 24 May 2022, the team of the Ege University (Turkey), coordinator of the work in the MOVING’s Reference Region of Beydaglari (Antalya, Turkey), organised an interactive workshop on the extended analysis of greenhouse tomato value chain with stakeholders to present the MOVING project.

Beydaglari is close to the Mediterranean and has an inland climate of cold winters and hot summers. Greenhouse cultivation in the uplands is important in the region, as it promotes effective use of regional sources, increases the income of the population, and creates employment, thus reducing migration from rural areas. The case study developed by the research team focuses on the value chain associated with greenhouse tomatoes.

This workshop focused on sharing the experience of MAPs members on the greenhouse tomato value chain and on acquiring and verifying knowledge. Close communication and discussion, especially at the production and marketing stages, with MAPs members was very useful.

Bringing different people together is important to get different opinions and information — said Filiz Kinikli (coordinator of Beydaglari Reference Region from EGE University)

Irrigation problems are an important and critical issue for greenhouse tomato production in the region. Participants highlighted other problems such as: high input costs, crop diseases and labour shortage are the other challenges for greenhouse tomato production, in addition to the negative effect of climate change.