Promoting sustainable agriculture with MOVING at the first Tomato Festival

Aug 4, 2023

Author: Murat Yercan (EGE University)

Editor: Miranda García (AEIDL)

On 28-29 July , the MOVING team from the Ege University in Turkey, who are also the coordinator of the MOVING Multi-Actor Platform in the Beydaglari region, participated in the first edition of the Tomato Festival held in Eskihisar, Elmalı (Antalya, Turkey).

The Tomate festival aimed to celebrate the significance of highland tomatoes, bringing together local and regional actors from the greenhouse tomato value chain, including farmers, policy-makers, input suppliers, and local citizens.

At the event, our partners from the Ege University set up a stand that provided an enlightening overview of the MOVING project. The stand attracted around 50-60 local visitors, predominantly farmers, who showed keen interest in the project’s objectives and outcomes.

During the festival, the members from the Ege University engaged in fruitful discussions with attendees on various focal topics addressed by the MOVING project. These included strategies to increase greenhouse areas in harmony with natural resources in the Beydaglari region, support for value-added investments in tomato production, promotion of sustainable production methods that prioritize both health and the environment, advocacy for smart irrigation technologies, and the fostering of cooperatives for greenhouse production. 

One of the highlights of the event was an insightful interview conducted by a local journalist with Murat Yercan, the team leader of Ege University, who described the MOVING project and its latest results. The discussion shed light on the challenges posed by climate change, especially the increasing drought conditions in the region. 

The foresight policy results presented by the Ege University at the festival garnered substantial attention and appreciation from the attendees. The team’s dedication to raising awareness about sustainable agricultural practices and the MOVING project’s mission was well received. 

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