Regional recommendations from PoliRural’s project

May 2, 2022

Author: Pavel Kogut (from PoliRural Team)

PoliRural (Future Oriented Collaborative Policy Development for Rural Areas and People) is a H2020 project that aims to provide the needed knowledge by combining several key activities to design effective place-based, human-centric and forward-looking rural policies.

The project has developed the deliverable D1.10. Regional Recommendations, that sets out to help regional teams align their action plans with high-level missions pursued by the European Union (EU).

This deliverable critically examines the concept of mission orientation before turning to the analysis of instruments that drive transition to net zero (the European Green Deal), recovery from Covid-19 (Recovery and Resilience Facility), and the development of a new model of agriculture and sustainability (Common Agricultural Policy reform, Farm to Fork and Biodiversity 2030 strategies).

It concludes with a set of recommendations linked to the above. Rather than being seen as prescriptive, these recommendations should be regarded as an invitation to explore highlighted issues together with stakeholders in a series of deep-dive workshops, the outcomes of which should guide holistic development of the regional action plan. The deliverable includes regional recommendations for the following topics:

  • Aligning regional priorities with high-level EU missions;
  • Transition to net zero;
  • Recovery from the pandemic;
  • The new model of agriculture.

Find out more about the project in the resources section of its website.