Welcome to the Rural Pact Support Office!

Mar 7, 2023

In 2021, the European Commission launched the European Rural Pact, as part of its Long-Term Vision for EU’s rural areas. The Rural Pact contributes to the ten-shared goal of the Long-Term Vision for EU’s rural areas and it provides a framework for cooperation between public authorities, civil society, businesses, academia and citizens.

Last week, the European Commission has announced the launch of the newly established Rural Pact Support Office. The Support Office will facilitate the rollout of the Rural Pact community.

The Rural Pact Support Office is delivered by a team of experienced experts from AEIDL, one of the MOVING project’s partners. In 2023, the Rural Pact Support Office will organize several events for the Rural Pact community to meet, exchange and learn from peers, as well as regular good practice webinars, Policy Labs and a high-level Policy Forum.

Last but not least, the Rural Pact Support Office will seek building synergies and complementarities with the other EU networks and initiatives relevant for the future development of the rural areas, such as the EU CAP Network, the Broadband Competence Office Support Facility, the Territorial agenda for the EU and the Talent Booster Mechanism.

You can join the community and make a commitment.