The European Commission opens application for the Agriculture and Food Chain Observatory

Apr 12, 2024

Author: Carla Lostrangio (AEIDL)

The European Commission has launched the call for applications to set up the EU agri-food chain Observatory (AFCO). This Observatory is a follow-up to the farmers’ protests and the European Commission’s targeted review of the Common Agricultural Policy to support farmers announced in mid-March.

The EU agri-food chain Observatory will be aimed at increased transparency on prices, structure of costs and distribution of margins and added value in the supply chain. It will observe production costs, margins and trading practices along the food supply chain.

The Observatory will gather up to 80 members, spanning across national authorities in charge of agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture or the food supply chain, as well as organisations representing stakeholders active in various stages of the chain – from farmers, input providers, food industry, traders, to transport, logistics, retail and consumers. A call for applications for organisations to join the Observatory is open until 13 May. A first meeting of the Observatory will take place in July 2024 and chaired by DG AGRI, European Commission.

In the medium term, it is expected that the work of the Observatory will allow to develop methodologies to assess and monitor the structure of costs and the distribution of margins and value added along the food supply chain. The existing agri-food data portal will be expanded to publish new relevant indicators, available to all online.