Understanding MOVING Participatory multi-level foresight exercises

May 26, 2022

MOVING is a Horizon 2020 project (2020-2024) coordinated by the University of Córdoba (Spain) gathering 23 partner organisations. The project aims to build capacities and co-develop policy frameworks across Europe. It is establishing new or upscaled Value Chains (VCs) to contribute to the resilience and sustainability of mountain areas.

It works in 23 mountain Reference Regions in 16 countries, these areas are where the project deploys its research activities and actions involving relevant stakeholders through Multi Actor Platforms (MAPs). These regions represent the great diversity of mountain areas in Europe and neighbouring countries.

Among its work packages, WP6 focuses on Participatory multi-level foresight. It is led by Origin For Sustainability (Forum ODT).

From May 2022, the second half of the project, foresight exercises will be developed at regional, cross-regional and pan-European levels. Regional foresight analysis will be conducted in the 23 MOVING Reference Regions by creating a participatory co-learning and co-design framework between stakeholders and researchers.

A similar exercise will be performed in the thematic clusters identified in WP5. Finally, a pan-European analysis will be developed with the stakeholders involved in the EU MAP.

The foresight exercise will provide a set of scenarios, including:

  1. a narrative on how the value chains (VCs) taken into consideration will affect the resilience and the sustainability of the area (based of the WP3 and WP4 results);
  2. a set of economic, social, and ecological indicators (provided by WP2 and used in WP4 for the present-day assessment of vulnerability/sustainability), that will show the distance from the baseline scenario.

The baseline scenario for each reference region will be elaborated in collaboration with WP4 and WP5.

Watch the explanatory video, by Luca Piccin, to better understand MOVING Participatory multi-level foresight exercises.

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