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Betic Systems (Spain)

Description of the Reference Region

The Betic mountain ranges extend along the south-southeast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Cordoba is one of the provinces with the largest areas of mountain olive groves. In particular, the olive grove of the Sierras Subbéticas is an element that contributes to defining the identity of a unique landscape, as reflected in its nomination for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The effects of climate change, together with the problematic land management, sometimes provoke the abandonment or intensification of the crops, leading to the loss of biodiversity, of local varieties and other environmental impacts. In socio-economic terms, the competitiveness of the traditional mountain olive grove is under serious threat.

Selected Value Chain

The Organic Mountain Olive Oil value chain encompasses a wide range of interlinked activities and functions, from the cultivation of olive trees and tasks associated with the production of olives, their processing, distribution, and marketing to the final consumer.

In recent years, the organic mountain olive grove sector has grown considerably in certified production. Other synergies are emerging as new products based on collaboration between different sub-sectors such as culture, the environment and tourism. The international market absorbs most of the production, while consumption is lower in the domestic market.

The challenge of keeping the mountain olive grove alive lies in the non-productive functions carried out by this crop. The groves contribute to shaping the high landscape and heritage value areas, as well as maintaining the vitality of rural areas. Mountain olive groves generate environmental public goods by maintaining biodiversity, slowing erosion, reducing water pollution, or being relevant to climate change mitigation or fire prevention.

Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) members

The Multi-Actor Platform includes members of four groups: i) producers and companies; ii) associations, NGOs, citizens; iii) organisations, institutions, and research projects; iv) government and municipalities); and v) external experts.

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Raquel Moreno
Asociación para el Desarrollo del Guadajoz y Campiña Este de Córdoba (ADEGUA)