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Beydaglari (Turkey)

Description of the Reference Region

Beydaglari runs parallel to the gulf that forms the western extension of the high mountain ranges of the Mediterranean Region, the Taurus Mountains. In the Young Mountains belt of the Western Taurus Mountains, Beydaglari is formed by limestone and serpentine rocks due to its geological structure. The area has a great biodiversity, with over 865 plant species, 25 of which are endemic; rare mammals such as the mountain goat, bobcat, caracal and wolf.

Precipitation has decreased in recent years due to global climate change creating drought. Irrigation problems have started in the region and it is expected to keep increasing in the future.

Selected Value Chain

The selected value chain (VC) is greenhouse tomato. In Beydaglari-Antalya (Turkey), the district with the highest annual total sunshine duration is Elmalı. Together with the favorable climate conditions, it plays an important role in the development of greenhouse cultivation in Elmalı, especially greenhouse tomato cultivation, which has become very common in the region since 2000.

The total area under greenhouse tomato cultivation is about 835 hectares. The number of greenhouse tomato growers is 1850. Approximately 95% of greenhouse tomato growers are smallholder farms.

The most common marketing channel used by greenhouse tomato growers is the wholesale markets brokers. Although tomatoes produced in the region are of high quality, producers cannot get high prices for their products, and they do not have a farmer’s organisation.

This value chain analysis will provide the opportunity to explore innovative methods for the marketing of the products. In this context, the possible effects of climate change will be analysed as well as socio-cultural and environmental factors.

Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) members

The Multi-Actor Platform is formed by about 20 stakeholders related to the value chain: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Elmali District; Elmali Chamber of Farmers; Chamber of Commissioners; Agricultural Cooperatives; Tomato growers; West Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute; Elmali Municipality; Water User Association; Vocational School of Elmali; The Union of West Mediterranean Exporters.

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Murat Yercan
EGE University