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Slovak Carpathian mountains (Slovakia)

Description of the Reference Region

The Carpathians are an extensive mountain chain in Central and Eastern Europe, a part of the Alpine-Himalayan geological system.

Several value chains are linked to the semi-natural habitats, such as cheese and meat, forest wood and non-wood products, medicinal herbs, horse breeding, beekeeping, service industries, tourism and recreation.

Nowadays, the Slovak Carpathian landscape and biodiversity are affected by the abandonment of pastures, socio-economic changes, recreational infrastructure development, often by unsustainable agricultural and forestry practices, and climate change on a global scale.  

Selected Value Chain

Bio-honey is the selected value chain, which is a new niche in the Slovak mountains that brings numerous innovations.

Compared to the lowlands, honey from Slovak mountain areas can be of higher quality due to less intensive agricultural practices, extensive pastures, meadows and more forests.

Global environmental, climate and social changes are leading to a decline in the nutritional diversity of bees and their ability to resist disease.

The importance of this value chain lies in its innovative character, its connection to a healthy environment, its sustainable production practices and the supply of nutritional products that are increasingly valued in the market. In addition, bees are a crucial part of the environment as pollinators of plants.

Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) members

The Multi-Actor Platform includes beekeepers as honey producers in mountain areas, producers’ associations, business representatives (both agricultural and non-agricultural), researchers, representatives of NGOs, public authorities, and other interested members of civil society.

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Diana Surová
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague