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Šumava – Cesky Les (Czechia)

Description of the Reference Region

Šumava mountains are among the oldest mountains in Central Europe. The mountains are spread across the Czech and German borders.

The agricultural sector in the region has undergone a transition in the last 30 years. The socialist farms were privatised, transforming the production. The current approach to farming is based on extensive use of natural resources that emphasise the high natural value of the mountain region.

Selected Value Chain

The research in Šumava is focused on cattle farms, specifically on the value chain of beef production.

The cattle farms use an extensive open rangeland. Successful farms in the region are far from using purely ‘traditional’ methods. They implement progressive methods in cattle breeding, grazing management and meat processing. Their production has been recently supported by the increasing interest of consumers in the direct purchase of farm products. Direct marketing has therefore become one of a range of new sources of income for many small farms in the region.

Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) members

The Multi-Actor Platform brings together local farmers and processors that are directly engaged in the researched value chain, alongside farmers’ associations, local and regional authorities (represented by mayors and representatives of the Pilsen Region), non-profit organisations focused on environmental protection and local development (such as Local Action Groups).

Publications & events

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Lukáš Zagata
Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze/Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Jakub Husák
Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze/Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.