Vulnerability analysis in the Betic Systems of Spain

by | Oct 13, 2021 | MOVING

We spoke with Raquel Moreno and Antonio Zafra (ADEGUA) about their work on vulnerability analysis carried out in the MOVING project. 

What role does ADEGUA have in the project?

ADEGUA (Asociación para el Desarrollo del Guadajoz y Campiña Este de Córdoba) is one of the project partners. ADEGUA is located in Córdoba (Spain). We are the coordinators of the work being carried out in the Mountain Reference Region (MRR) of the Betic Systems in Spain, and we manage the regional Multi-Actor Platform (MAP).

Each of the 23 MOVING Reference Regions have an associated MAP and have selected a value chain for a participatory analysis throughout the project. What is the value chain selected in your case?

The Betic Systems Multi-Actor Platform is examining in depth the mountain organic olive grove value chain and its vulnerability to climate change and other problems faced by this system.

What work have you done so far on vulnerability analysis?

In the framework of the project, and before the start of a new olive harvesting season, we have conducted 15 interviews, mixing face-to-face and online formats, with producers, managers, researchers and advisors.

This has given us the opportunity to establish the MAP within which we will carry out the analysis of the entire value chain. Furthermore, it has allowed us not only to hear how different climatic and biophysical factors affect the productivity of the agrosystem, but also to gather first impressions on the structuring of the value chain and its connections with other sectors and territories.

After analysing the results of these interviews, we have launched a pre-questionnaire that will help us to prepare tailor-made content for the next face-to-face workshop to be held in Carcabuey on 14 October 2021.

What is the aim of the next meeting?

On 14 October 2021 we will hold the participatory workshop for the vulnerability analysis of land systems. The main objective of this task is to assess the vulnerability of the land use system that provides key resources for the Value Chain to be analysed in each of the Mountain Reference Landscapes (MRL). It will analyse vulnerability to critical drivers of change in a 20-year scenario, develop and evaluate proposals that can reduce these effects. Follow the progress and results of the project by subscribing to the MOVING newsletter!

This is the third of a series of interviews presenting the work carried out and development of the research project, MOVING.